Initiate vocal Ariana Bonne – Let me Like You

Doesn’t know what smh setting, says “a whole lot hatred” “really hate” and another tells this lady it indicates trembling my lead.

You realize i’m

Someone else in your house, guy pal (?), Tammy, start whining throughout the people shitting on to the floor. (discover 8:fifteen a lot more than for the make-up having Dolly)

Katelyn: “It is ok” They feel whoever shit on the ground is actually the baby whenever it didn’t come with diaper with the. Maybe kid Ethan but it’s not yet determined whom these are generally talking about. Tammy cleanses it up that have Pine Sol.

Katelyn arrives right back at the space in the dos: States she’ll sing a separate song, states if the she sings a lot more of According to the Knife following the woman is planning start crying.

2: Tammy tells Katelyn to not stay in the room. Tammy upcoming she starts speaking of the bathroom mess significantly more. Anyone who was just here, and their kid, merely remaining the disorder.

2: she giggles significantly less than the woman air throughout the Boy friend (?) and you will Tammy speaking of people shitting on to the floor from the broken restroom.

2: Guy buddy (?) apologizes to Katelyn to possess their words, getting in touch with Jason (Lowery probably) a snatch-whipped motherfucker. Katelyn’s singing beneath the knife again.

2: Tammy desires Katelyn to get out of room and you may states she is planning to put Seeking Dory towards the for the kids. 2: AJ and you can Tammy attempts to create a joke with Katelyn asking in the event the she made it happen.

2: Tammy and you will man pal (?) laugh which have Katelyn regarding the shitting towards the floor. Katelyn claims in a little big/ashamed build “i didn’t do that.” Tammy: “I’m just playin. Get out of that wet floors now. I moved your using this place on purpose so you you certainly will steer clear of it.”

Katelyn tells make babies area half the bedroom pink and you may 50 % of the area bluish “that will really works

2: Kid friend (?) requires if the pet is in the area incase they are, so you’re able to place it out. Katelyn’s vocal Everything Stays again. AJ sings they as well.

2: Katelyn reveals this lady attracting from by herself. States this woman is perhaps not done. 2: Man buddy (?) asks when the she had sufficient to eat and you will Katelyn says “yes sir” Boy friend (?) says she does not have any to state sure sir so you can your. She says you to definitely she’ll still do it.

2: Katelyn reveals the woman complete drawing from by herself. Says it’s been a bit because the she past drew as well as the thinks the fresh drawing cannot research you to good. It is a beneficial attracting even in the event.

2: Kid pal (?) claims he would getting redoing Katelyn’s room on her. The guy said however upgrade the house and you may requires the kids one they’ll prevent drawing to the walls. The kids space was not environmentally friendly and you may to begin with red-colored. Tammy decorated they environmentally friendly getting Katelyn if it is actually hers. ” Abbi try grabbing Katelyn’s feet and it also affects due to the woman cuts.

Katelyn: “I don’t know, i am going to need to think of that. I am nonetheless, you understand, messed up out-of Luke and you will of Ben. You do not discover just who Ben is actually but i am messed up to the your. I’m just screwed-up immediately.”

2: Son buddy (?) will come in shopping for a bottle of lightweight fluid. 2: She ends singing. Says she feels like rapping.

2: starts moving. AJ dances also. She attempts to illustrate AJ the new dance. Katelyn is attempting to help you brighten by herself right up on a single of your implies she knows. 2: Tammy informs Katelyn to show on “tape” (dvd) In search of Dory on her. Tammy makes.

2: cell phone drops and you may Katelyn exclaims, “paranormal interest! It’s paranormal interest.” She heads so you can kitchen area and you may jumps over AJ for the living room. 2: She claims she hates the woman laugh.

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